Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's son arrested ........AGAIN

Roy Moore refuses to obey Federal laws and his son refuses to obey state laws. Caleb Moore was arrested today for possession of marijuana and xanax in a traffic stop. This is his THIRD arrest for drugs/DUI in Alabama. The offense is supposed to have a mandatory 1 to 5 year sentence. Alabama also has a "three strikes" policy for life imprisonment (for regular citizens). My guess is Daddy will send him to bible camp instead. Maybe revival, too. Roy Moore is everything that is wrong with this country in one package.

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Yes, and we all know that a little bit of Jebus can fix anything. You can even claim that the person was praying to Jebus and suddenly he got the holy goat. Then he starts talking in pig Latin.

Isn't it amazing the steps that believers will take to try and make this crap real?

If something like this happens to Caleb Moore certainly the constituency will allow him to go free or get probation. After all, he will be a changed man.

Speaking of our friend Roy, Kevin Kruse published an editorial in the NY Times Sunday explaining how the misconception that we're a Christian nation is grounded in corporate propaganda.


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