ALBUQUERQUE NM: Atheist deputy arrests god pushing protestors at Rob Zombie, Casino show.
around 2:50 it gets fun:

Deputy: "“I am a non-believer, there is no God, there is no Jesus, there is no Satan,” “You must have a crush on me, man are you like a gay homosexual, you keep filming me,” Goff said. Comments on the video state that the harrassment from the Christian group towards concert ticket holders in line for Rob Zombie's Mayhem was edited out. Investigators of the incident hope to view a full copy of the video.

Updated: Sunday, 25 Jul 2010
* Reporter: Crystal Gutierrez

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A Bernalillo County Sheriff's deputy was caught on video erupting with personal comments while escorting a religious group away from a recent concert.

BCSO Deputy Jim Goff is a veteran of the department and years away from retirement.

The religious group was protesting outside a Rob Zombie concert on July 17th at the Pavilion. Deputies were called to escort them out. Goff was among them.

The religious group recorded the ordeal and put it on YouTube. It started with Goff asking the protestors to leave the property but the group was not taking the orders well.

“This is private property, leave you can go or you can go to jail,” Goff said.

“It’s against my constitutional right, these people are free right here are fee to be out here? Why cant we," said one protestor.

That's when Goff got the crowd involved and asked what they wanted the group to do.

“You guys, do you want them to stay or go,” Goff said.

The protestors eventually started to leave as they continued preaching to the crowd and the deputies. Goff responded.

“There is only one way to heaven and that's through Jesus Christ the Lord,” said a protestor.

“I am a non-believer, there is no God, there is no Jesus, there is no Satan,” Goff said.

Through all the shouting, arguing and antagonizing the other deputies kept their cool. Goff, however, had one more questionable comment.
“You must have a crush on me, man are you like a gay homosexual, you keep filming me,” Goff said.

Sheriff Manny Gonzales called the deputy's comments very inappropriate.

“I watched the video and it's an edited version. We're going to make a request from our internal affairs unit to get a full, a full copy so we can make the right responses,” Gonzales said.

The video is on at least three different websites including YouTube, where more than 7,000 viewers have already seen it.

Gonzales said he will not comment on if Goff will be reprimanded until they conduct a complete investigation.

The sheriff also said he did not know about the concert confrontation until News 13 called and asked about it.

Some of the protestors were arrested.

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Religious protesters called being asked to leave, and his comments to them, an ordeal? I'd love to see what they would call being dropped in Somalia with their signs and protest.

Goff may have been being sarcastic with his comment about the fundies protesting him being gay. If I had a job that put me in the public eye, I would do my very best to reign in my sarcasm.
The video has been edited so it's hard to know the context of the officer's comments. That said, I think the officer should have refrained from engaging in religious argument and acted in a more objective manner. The homosexual comment seemed inappropriate in any context. Kudos to the officer's boss for wanting to see the unedited video before rushing to judgment.




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