I'm new to joining the nexus, I've been part of the facebook group for a few months now. I really enjoy reading the news regarding religious topics and pointing out how ridiculous they are.

I personally don't "believe" in anything. I tend to "feel" that most people are moral and good on their own without religion. I suppose I'll let you all in on a bit of my past.

I have a grandmother who is extreme southern baptist. She is of the opinion I'm going to hell. She kind of terrorized me as a child about that. My father is a scientist, and he goes to church also (I don't get it), but he always told me to make my own choices and to ignore my crazy grand ma. Thats why I love my dad.

I recently married my fiance of 7 years and have discovered how crazy his relatives are. Much of them attend the RLDS church, an offshoot of the Mormons. They think the "land of milk and honey" is right here in Missouri. They have a temple in Independence MO. Here is a link to wiki if anyone is interested:


We got church books about Joseph Smith for a wedding present. :) we like to lie in bed as we fall asleep while I read out of the books. We laugh at the really retarded parts.

Anyway, my hubby and I don't subscribe to that kind of blind belief as our relatives and it seems pretty hard to find people around here who don't care about god. We have one set of friends out of five that don't go to church. So my goal here is to meet some atheists and non believers, enter into some discussion I'm actually interested in, and to get my fill of people with good sense.

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Love your story. What's the name of the book you got on Joseph Smith? I suffer from insomnia.
"Joseph Smith and the beginnings of Mormonism" its an "in depth" look at the foundations of mormonism, the author Richard Bushman, thinks all of it is true.



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