I've always thought that the definitive finding of life on other planets would increase the number of atheists. At the least it would have many people questioning their religious texts. Do others think this would make a difference to current believers?

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Ive been rewatching the recent BG series.  I liked the first 2 seasons.  Now I'm into the 4th season and I'm not liking it as much.  Throwing in zodiac god info was an interesting touch.  The series definitely has a lot of religiosity and wuwu especially the later episodes.  That's where I'm losing interest.

Very interesting. Disturbing, too. :-(

"Maybe human brains are hard-wired for religion, and the relatively few atheists are mutants"

I think there is something to that. I think as higher thinking creatures, we like to find patterns and try to make sense of the world. When we don't have all the details, we fill in the gaps with whatever works for us drawing from our imagination. And with our cooperative ability its possible to get two humans to come to a concensus on a kooky idea and a religion is born.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that we are mutants (contrary to Pat Robertson's opinion) at least in a biological sense. Maybe we're social mutants? I think we are just fortunate enough to live in an age where we have a much better understanding of the worlrd around us. Some of us happen to be born into environments where the realization that there are no gods come early. Others aren't so fortunate and it takes time to be exposed to reason. I think its a social evolution rather than a biological one.

Actually there are xtians who do believe in life on other planets, they just believe that god put them there.

Mormons believe in life on other planets. In fact, a "good mormon", when he (HE) dies will likely inherit a planet to be "god" of.

Theists will ignore, twist and adopt however they can to justify their own beliefs. For someone who really WANTS to believe in something, no amount of evidence is enough.

I always wondered, and I never got an answer, just an appaled look, and got called into the stake presidents office btw,ouf you have a corporeal body, and so do your goddess wives, how come you make "spirit" babies? I mean, body+body=body, right? And with so much to populate, wuoldn't you just have nothing but sex 24/7? Ah, the questioning of a 15-16 y.o. youth. That definately got me on their radar. Learned to keep my mouth shut pretty much after that, until I got out on my own. Fun little thing, huh?

Tony that's hilarious.  The sex  24/7 part makes it seem like way too much work.  I still don't keep my mouth shut enough, but at this late point in life am finally learning to.

Yeah, it is. But 15-16 y.o. boys think sex, alot. I just remember thinking that at that age. Just don't bring it up no matter what religion you are in. Probably get bitch slapped like I did. Ah, youth.

...with fava beans and a nice chianti. 

Unrelated reference I know, but it works.

I would love to say yes, but I'm reminded of a story Dawkins told about a graduate of the Harvard geology program and knows what evidence there is and was still a creationist.  I would love to say that finding any kind of life on a planet other than our own would be the end of it.  We've already debunked theistic creation myths, but some choose not to see it.  I agree with John, but it'll will be centuries before religion even thinks about going away, I think.

Unfortunately, I agree it won't make a difference. They will an argue (I can hear it now) about how it just goes to show the greatness of god, who, in his infinite wisdom, created all life in the universe. The bible is for OUR salvation, we don't need to concern ourselves about other life, as god has a plan that we won't know until we reach heaven, and so on.  Scientists are now saying they expect to find a goldilocks planet by 2014. Still won't change things for them. I have to say, I think NC is right. Religion is going to stick around for a long time. I think a remnant will be with us forever. Even say 10,000 years from now. Mores the pity.

I, for one, welcome our theocratic overlords from Planet Blzixics.




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