I've always thought that the definitive finding of life on other planets would increase the number of atheists. At the least it would have many people questioning their religious texts. Do others think this would make a difference to current believers?

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I think if intelligent life was found else where in the universe it would stregnthen the beliefs of many theists, and we would see a large amount of them trying to send missionaries out to teach E.T. about "the good news".

If they looked like the aliens in A.C. Clarke's, Childhood's End they may not.  The aliens looked like Satan.

Hey, I forgot about them. But they were eventually accepted, even loved. Great story btw.

Comment saurons-nous de la vie dans d'autres systèmes solaires?

Radio? L'analyse chimique? photographies?

Je ne sais pas mais je suis sûr que vous ne rencontrerez jamais un alien.

After all these comments I've lost my small hope that all the holy books' myths would be shattered. Since fundamentalists preach strict following of the texts so that evolution is wrong for them, I thought alien life could never be reconciled with the bible. I now believe you're right, they'd find a way to make it fit. We'd have mega churches on the moon and Mars. At least space exploration and the strong interest in science that goes with it would have a resurgence.

And start an intergalactic holy war, since they worship Zenoo, the one and true god of the universe. Or they convert us. Whichever.


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