Please don't assume I am a nut-job for bringing this up, but I have always had a fascination with the stars. I enjoy watching documentaries on astronomy and anything space based really.

What I wonder occasionally is that if, hypothetically speaking, we discover life on other planets would that then refute religion and their beliefs? I know it might not destroy all religions but it should surely cause a blow to those like Christianity and Islamic religions.

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Clearly it was the milky way Moses parted.

Oh, and now that we've screwed up our environment, their planet is the chosen land. They better make room.
Ezekiel. the only fun place with sky monsters in the bible
go figure, the only part of the bible I bothered to read
some psalm 82:6 too, that's pretty schizophrenic stuff
The bible is loaded with stuff that could easily be interpreted as beings from space coming down and going up. Daniel describes "the glory of the lord" going up and the top half looked like shiny metal, and the bottom half was a pillar of fire.
If Only!
I'm sure these new facts would simply be added to "It's all part of God's Plan" ~
Delusions so grand have an amazing propensity for expansion!
They swallow up anything they can't explain and label it "god."
Always said God is Elton John and a Cat of a Rocket Man.

The best part is if we found aliens, they visited, and then said, "oh look, a big book full of what we were doing a few millenia ago!" Finding out their god was really an alien visitor would be a hard one for them to overcome. The shock of it not being an all powerful being, I mean.




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