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I know I have "sins." I keep missing the mark (bullseye) and I can't even shoot a bow and arrow. Why didn't Paul do that "sin" comparison with a chess match or a computer game or something? Then I would understand it and I could walk up to the priest or someone, show him my move, and ask "is this a sin?"

It doesn't make much damned sense does it? We were all much better off when we put our collective "sins" on a goat and then drove him off into the desert. He was the holy goat. Then god got schizophrenic and became Jesus Christ and messed it all up. He even started talking to himself.

He loves the savor of burnt meat and he will burn you, but he loves you. That entire hell thing is so god will have a forever supply of burned offerings that go on and on like the energizer bunny.

I guess that the holy spirit sent this tweet... LOL!

I think it went more like this:

Josiah Invented god of the Bible to keep his people subservient, Saul saw the faith failing, spread the rumour that god created and killed his son to save those who were failing, to bring the faithful back into the fold.




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