ALL Politicians Should Be Made to Read: "Homosexuality, atheism etc: What's it to you?"

Every now and then I read an article and say,  "WOW ... I wish I would have said that."  

After reading the article linked below entitled, "Homosexuality, Atheism etc:  What' it to you?"  I felt that  every politician in America should be made to read it before taking office.  It wouldn't hurt the general public to consider the message either.

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The thing is with religion, it install a feeling that you are better than others. Both when I was a Christian and then a Muslim you get the feeling that you ARE better than the non-believers or the other sects of the same religion. They don't go to heaven, you do stuff like that. 

So they feel a moral obligation to make stuff like my sexual orientation, or lack of beliefs their business. 

I know in most religions evangelising is seen as a requirement by those in charge. I remember reading an article on "how Dawah is the 6th Pillar of Islam" 

So most will ignore the article. I wouldn't if I was still brainwashed 


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