I thought a few of you might enjoy talking about a thread on FB...I so want to reply to this but it would only piss them off and who needs that!

She posted "It's one thing to have an opinion. It's quite another to pass a verdict. It's one thing to have a conviction; it's another to convict the person. It's one things to be repulsed by the acts of someone. It's another to entirely claim that I am superior or that they are beyond the grace of God-No one is."

I assume she is referring to the trial. Personally I think she is guilty of killing her but there is not enough evidence to convict her. I know that pisses people off but I don't think they understand the justice system not how a jury works...but I digress...

Then "It's our job to hate the sin. But it's God's job to deal with the sinner. God has called us to despise evil, but He's never called us to despise the evildoer."

Then "‎***Copied from the book In The Grip Of Grace****"

Then another woman posts "Also as much as people may not like to hear it or not believe it, to God a sin is a sin....my sin is no greater or less than someone else's. Lying, cheating, stealing, murder....alll the same dgree to God, it is man that has put ranking on sin"

Even if there was a god I really don't understand why everybody thinks they know what he would think? you know?? Kind pisses me off even more. It also pisses me off because the original status update makes me think that she agrees with me kinda but have turned it into the god thing which makes it unable for me to comment on it. Ho Hum. What did you think of the trial and are you tired of the god comments around it? (I didn't watch it or anything, just noticed everyone else obsessed with it!)

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sorry typos!
Unrelated to the trial, but everyone thinks God thinks what they think.  Social scientists have found correlations between beliefs of God and individuals, and if you change an individual's beliefs, it also changes what he or she thinks God thinks.  It's actually a clever set of studies.  I've always thought that people just use the bible to justify what they already think.
Yep, looking at a hot butt is definitely the same as going on a mass killing spree. >.X  There is no logic involved in religious views. But I do believe the Bible commands to obey the law of the land, and definitely does also condone death as punishment. So I'm not sure what she's rambling about.

So far as my reading of it goes, picking up sticks on a sabbath is as bad as murder, according to the wholly babble.




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