All the Things That Make Atheism and Agnosticism Unique!

Here is a small incomplete list of things that make Atheism unique from other belief systems.

-Morally, we are only accountable to ourselves which means we take full responsibility for our actions

-Our beliefs are flexible and current based on scientific discovery

-We have better answers for the origins and the purpose of life than any other belief system

-Atheists are statistically more intelligent than religious people

-Nobody has the opportunity to profit from out belief system except the future of mankind

-We are notoriously difficult to organize (some say it is like herding cats) which decreases our effectiveness

-We are traditionally respectful of peoples' beliefs despite the negative impact those beliefs have on our lives

-We lack the strong social networks formed through ceremonial attendance

-We do not get any tax benefits from the government

-We do not have an effective method for raising capital which lowers our ability to spread awareness and hinders our political influence

-Our methods for spreading beliefs are inadequate

-We are free of the restrictions placed on religious believers which allows us to aspire to and achieve much more in life

-Despite an inherent lack of effectiveness, we are still one of the fastest growing belief systems in the world

-Barring a religious ban on information and knowledge, the connected world will eventually become Atheist or Agnostic

Please help me to expand this list

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