The must see video of 'Trump' having tantrum at children's school g...

Scroll down a bit for a one minute video version of Comedy Central's spoof. At first I thought it was real, because standards have been falling so fast. It's not all that out of bounds considering his latest tweet-attack.

(sorry, I couldn't embed)

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I thought it was real also! Sooooo scary!

It is very hard to follow his reasoning because his fact turn out to be untrue. He makes up numbers out of thin air. He is not reliable or dependable; he is a liar.

Ruth, thanks for nudging me through comedy. Comedy is fine and useful if it clarifies something!

Here's the full five-minute video, on YouTube. The tantrum starts around 4:00, but the rest is worthwhile as well, including how the "president*" reacts to kids calling him out at 1:13.

And yes, it's all too plausible!!!

 I thought it was real. I fell for the impersonation. Geez, how do we tell POTUS from a fool? It has become virtually impossible to watch him or his wife because they each have values different from mine.

Thank you, Ruth and GC, a zillion times.




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