Hello. I've been atheist since I was old enough to figure things out for myself. I believed in Santa Claus longer than I believed in god. Things just didn't add up. There were too many discrepancies between bible and physical world, and between bible referene and bible reference. It just didn't make sense logically.

I own and operate a small doggy daycare facility in Ohio, USA. I manage a pack of anywhere from 15 to 45 dogs each day. They all play together indoors and out. We have toys, tunnels, slides, wading pools, sandboxes, a couch and chair, and lots of places to rest. I have three dogs of my own, Poco, Baron, and Pluto. Poco is a registered therapy dog, and we do volunteer visits to nursing homes, adult and child daycares, schools for children with special needs, and even funeral homes.

I love comedy, comedians, and laughter. I love sarcasm and dry humor. I love cheesy lame "wa-wa-wa" humor. I have a bottle of wine autographed by George Carlin. I will leave you with a link to a bit from one of my favorite comedians, Tommy Tiernan on the Drug Olympics.


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Welcome to AN Nikki. Or should I say welcome to our underground lair?
Why, thank you.




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