Almost there.... 9,996 Members. What happens when it hits 10,000?

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That was such a blast from the past! Love the white shoes!
Just need 1 more member right now!
10,000! Congratulaions Tiffany Littleton!
Well, I reckon Tiffany was the first to 10,000 so the prize is hers. ;-)
I suspect the Spam Patrol got them.
...and Tiffany's gone and set her page to private. Must a been the overwhelming welcome she got that sent her scrambling for the private button.

Jay - I always love hearing that song!
Roo, maybe she just blocked you from seeing her page. I heard there were special privileges associated with being the first person to hit 10,000. Hope you've learned to duck, as it won't be long before she gets her Laser Eyes (TM) installed.
This is nice milestone.
So how long will it take to get to 20,000?

A. 6 months
B. 9 months
C. 1 year
D. 2+ years
E. Never. Some militant fundies hack in and wipe out all accounts. :^O

Bonus questions: If and when will it 100,000?
Another thing I was curious about is the "Leave Atheist Nexus" button found on the My Page Settings.
The answer may require a site administrator - How many people have left?
How about an interpretive dance?
Oh yes... you can certainly upload a video. By all means, do!


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