I think I've always been athiest, my parents never took us kids to church unless it was some "special" occasion like a wedding. My dad was a dairy farmer and if you've been raised in that environment you'll undestand how labor intensive that is and as my father used to say, "So what if I'm damned I'm not going to waste what little time off I get listening to some jesus mumbo jumbo." They never really mentioned god or religion until I was about 14 when my mother recalled some of her early years being raised in a Jesuit foster home after her mother died. I still know next to nothing about her experiances but having researched the atrocities commited by <sarchasm that fine group of individuals </sarchasm during the 30's and 40's against Native American children (she's 1/2 Mohawk) in upstate New York unfortunately I can just about imagine. In fact not only am i an atheist I'm a militant one, I have deliberately cut ties with former friends when I found out they caught the "jesus disease", because unfortunately that seems to be a permanent condition unless the average inflicted lemming suddenly grows at least 15 I.Q. points or something horrific happens to crush their delusions. I have however began calling out the religious for their delusions in public with as many witnesses as possible and have actually cause a few of them to question their mythology enough to abandon it completely, because as I see it we need to start counteracting the juvinial indoctrination these victims have had inflicted upon themselves. However this does not make me many friends as even those I've saved from themselves never seem to thank me, I guess it's that whole "kill the messenger thing". Perhaps they are not ready to face the reality of eterity as worm food and nothing else, I just wish they cound feel the freedom that I do with the realization that our limited time on this mudball is for developing relationships with the living real organisms not some made-up fairy tale, and our joy in life should be reserved for our loved ones and not wasted on fictional characters created by illiterate stone-age goat herders.

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