Kathleen Parker, writing in the Washington Post, wondered in an op-ed if Obama had not scaled the wall of separation when he put secularism over Christian faith, thereby, intentionally or not, putting the contraception brouhaha into jaundiced perspective. Environmentalism cannot be a religion any more than secularism can and Ricky-Pooh is smart enough to know that. But remember, he is Catholic and thus beholden to the U. S. Conference of Bishops, and they were the ones who started the controversy in the first place. Perhaps they've learned from other political action groups that the best way to get anything done these days is to take the issue to its furthest extreme, not just pushing the envelope but shoving it down the public throat. None of that civil union crap, we want marriage equality. No wonder even Catholics are saying Santorum is "scarey." In addition to a red phone with a direct line to the Kremlin, he plans on keeping one for chats with the Holy Father.

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I can't wait for that dipshit to drop his left!

And to insure the continued loyalty of the US Conference of Red Robed Pederasts (Vatican's North American Chapter of NAMBLA), he recently said that JFK's speech on the separation of church and state made him "puke." I guess that's similar to a 10 year child's reaction of having one of his sponsor's reach ecstasy. 



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