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I've never understood the need, whenever discussing religion, that we have to base our discussions solely on the original texts, as if that will make our debates anymore substantial.

Basically, if you're having a discussion with somebody who believes the bible is already some devine book of penmanship from God, then there's no difference which translations you use, because the argument is already over. However, if the two people having the debate already understand that the bible, in whatever original language, was still just written by men, then it also shouldn't matter which translation you talk about or which interpretation either. Because in the end, you're debating the evolution of the religion in general, which means each new derivation of the original text into some new modern form so as to make it continuously appealing to new audiences.

As a result, we should be allowed to discuss religion outside of the context of the texts themselves. Because if we limit ourselves to only being able to talk about religion if we are scolars in theology and ancient languages, then that means that people who don't have PHDs in biology can't talk about evolution. Or people with no degrees in physics are not allowed to discuss quantum mechanics ever. It makes for a really dry society where only the 'experts' are allowed to take part in these types of discussions.

If you want to have these kinds of discussions, Michael, then go find fellow scolars who have spent their entire lives learning long dead and ancient languages and spare us modernists the shame of dissapearing in the wake of your shadow.
Suggesting? For somebody so big on interpretation, I should think you would be doing more than just suggesting. That is not what you SAID. You called people out on not having read the original texts. If what you were trying to suggest was different than what you said, then you can't just come back and say 'yes, that is what I was suggesting.' From your original post, you were 'suggesting' that people only discuss the bible if they speak or read Hebrew or Koine Greek.
Sooooo.... anybody else have any alternate theories to the virgin birth?

I ask only because I would find this discussion far more entertaining if there was far less philosophy and ancient language wang handling.

We get it, some people know long dead languages and can read these texts in their original. Hooray. You win the lollypop of awesome. Now go play in the adult sand box and leave us children to our insignificant and 'untrue' translations.

So, any more cool and amusing alternate theories to the virgin birth?
Pfft, that's no fun. I'd rather read about my neighbour and her cats.
Even to read about it?
Mary was a single unweb mother who embarrassed her family. The family got Joseph to take Mary away to have the child. Of course, virgin birth is a much nicer spin.
"alternate" "theories?" eh?




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