Alternative Facts? When Were Americans Not Given Them?

People in government tell us they are giving us alternative facts. The media get excited and many of us are the truth.

When we were schoolchildren we heard "No Taxation Without Representation!"

Yet, before the Revolution England's Parliament considered ending slavery. The South's slave owners did not want that. Also before the Revolution England was keeping the "Western lands", the western slopes of the Appalachians, for the Indians. Land speculators wanted to buy those lands and sell them for settlement by colonists.

Those were powerful inducements to separation from England. "No Taxation...!" was an alternative fact.

Personal enrichment is a powerful inducement to political activism. No candidate for public office will admit to that motive. Instead, voters hear alternative facts.

The outrage continues.

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The following picture is the best I can come up with:

Gary, that was a reality in electrical engineering. It was part of my reason for my changing my major to accounting.

Wait, because England tried to do  some sensible things suddenly "No taxation without representation "becomes an alternate fact? No that was still a thing.  Just because an issue is compicated doesn't mean it is an alternate fact.

Susan, the economic interests of the 1770s used the "No taxation...." alternative fact to stir the emotions of the cannon fodder they knew they would need.

Don't you complicate the issue by denying the usefulness of emotions.

Translation:  I want history to fit my conspiracy theory.  I just remembered why I usually ignore you.

BTW, that has NOTHING to do with me denying shit.

That's a poor translation, Susan.

With two semesters of law, I use the legal definition of conspiracy -- a combination of two or more people to commit an unlawful act or a lawful act in an unlawful manner.

This isn't the 1700's and I have a different take on alternative facts. There are facts and then there are not facts. An alternative fact is an outright lie, plain and simple. tRump uses his "fake news" and "alternative facts" to do exactly what he wants to do. He is making up the news and claiming whatever he wants to as an alternative fact.

To the average American this leaves bu one question. Where does tRump get his facts?

From Faux Noise, Michael, who may get them from talk radio.

It isn't the 1700s but politicians still lie. There are alternative facts I haven't heard so I won't say they are all lies, plain and simple.

Kellyann told the nation she lies. Trump may be the first president to not conceal his lies. He's doing voters a big favor.

Thomas, I have had a great admiration of that "book" for a long time. :)

I also like this pictures application of philosophy:

If nothing else, *45's getting elected is pretty much an ironclad proof of Karl's contention here. The most frightening thing is that it IS truth that's being created. Granted it's synthetic truth and not the genuine article, but it's absolutely true to the believers. And no stinkin' facts, echt or alternative, will ever disprove it to them.

When you get down to it, why should truth be any different from any other commodity on the market? Ever cheaper and crappier knockoffs show up for sale until the quality of the original is just a ghost.

Very well put, Bertold. The problems I see with this whole idea is that people will be divided pro and con more so than they ever have been.  This division will lead to violence in the streets and bloodshed, and it already has done so in some areas. So many in this country have been so tired of government by law in a long and time consuming fashion that they champion a rogue mongrel who gets things done anyway he can.

Didn't this happen in Germany one time? If memory is correct here that experiment didn't work out so well.

I concur with both you and Bertold. I also used that "philosophy" word because of how many applications it has to so many areas.


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