Alternative Facts? When Were Americans Not Given Them?

People in government tell us they are giving us alternative facts. The media get excited and many of us are the truth.

When we were schoolchildren we heard "No Taxation Without Representation!"

Yet, before the Revolution England's Parliament considered ending slavery. The South's slave owners did not want that. Also before the Revolution England was keeping the "Western lands", the western slopes of the Appalachians, for the Indians. Land speculators wanted to buy those lands and sell them for settlement by colonists.

Those were powerful inducements to separation from England. "No Taxation...!" was an alternative fact.

Personal enrichment is a powerful inducement to political activism. No candidate for public office will admit to that motive. Instead, voters hear alternative facts.

The outrage continues.

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Bert, with regard to commodities on the market, ever the pessimist, aren't you?

As to Plato, what do you say to the allegation that his Republic was his argument for being named the philosopher-king?

Now there is an alternative route to North Korea. Trump sent the carrier the wrong way.

Yes, North Korea after a world tour. Great fun for the ships' crews.




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