From Cheezburger, If Romney and Obama switched hair.

I'm normally concerned about presidential politics, but I turned off last night's snoozefest early.

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Yeah - I had just posted a discussion on the debate and on what people thought.

Snoozefest - yeah - just not much of anything said that hasn't been said before.

Funny graphic

I enjoyed this musical version more.

LOL  That Cheezburger photo is just creepy looking.  I didn't watch the debate.  I had a nice evening out with my best friend for a gluttonous dinner of ribs (and green apple sangria!) 

Ruth, very funny musical version. 

Do you think firing Big Bird will lose the election for Romney?

Not about the debate per se.


Another variation on debate

Funny new Obama ad, spin off from the debate.

Something I posted in "Romney's Tax Plan" in Politics -- a "ha ha only serious" website that addresses Romney's tax plan:

(It's paid for by the DNC, so it's not at all complimentary.)




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