Am I Mistaken or Does the Military Despise Obama?

It seems to me on my other website (CafeMom) that the military despises him.
They think that we shouldn't leave Iraq; we had every right to invade and we have done the Iraqi people a big favor. Oh, and yes the Iraqi people adore us. And there's so much more going on that the American people don't know about.
And Obama's gonna cut out their pensions and wages and medical.
Is there an indoctrination process that causes these people to believe this stuff?
Is there a different perspective over here?

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Could you post a direct link to the conversation(s) in question?
No because it's a private group, and these convo's go on forever.
It sounds like they're channeling GWB if they actually think those things. Scary stuff.
I get newsletters from and and they are very supportive of our president.
This is why I can't stand CafeMom. I tried going there for a while for the atheist parenting group but it's just not worth it (I mean, that group was fine but the rest of the site...blech). There's a lot of ignorance there and they're really rabid about it too. God forbid ('erm, excuse that) someone should disagree.
It really is a sick addiction, but at the same time, it's good to know what's going on in the big world. You made me chatterbox you, though!
LOL, now I'll have to go log on. I get enough of the big world from the news.
My understanding is that the officer corps is overwhelmingly Republican, but the enlisted men/women are pretty representative of the U.S. population at large.

Wait, found a link: Enlisted Personnel More Liberal than Officers
Except for this officer. Although I'd have to say I'm apolitical. Read me the issues, to hell with all the candidates.

The rest of most of the other officers I've met seem to lean Republican, yes...
It's good to see some sources to cite if I feel like arguing about this ever again.
Hey Cowpunk, I usually don’t get into deep discussions online; I usually don’t have anything with any unique or profound insight to say. But I thought I’d through my two cents in on this one. I’ve been a member of the Air National Guard my entire adult life, plus some (over thirty years now, I joined when I was a fetus). I’ve been working full-time for the guard for almost twenty years now, on a major command active duty base. So I kind of know something about how, in general, many military members feel about things. Like the general public when it come to President Obama, it’s kind of split down the middle. But I have noticed that the conservative right wing tends to be a lot more louder and strangely arrogant about there views. Please don’t judge the members of the military by these blowhards.
Maybe they just make more noise because they're scared or something ...




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