Am I Mistaken or Does the Military Despise Obama?

It seems to me on my other website (CafeMom) that the military despises him.
They think that we shouldn't leave Iraq; we had every right to invade and we have done the Iraqi people a big favor. Oh, and yes the Iraqi people adore us. And there's so much more going on that the American people don't know about.
And Obama's gonna cut out their pensions and wages and medical.
Is there an indoctrination process that causes these people to believe this stuff?
Is there a different perspective over here?

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Well, at the rate that the GOP is devouring itself, the next election may well be between the Dems and some other third party.
That would be interesting ... our new 2 party system is Liberal Democrat vs. Moderate Democrat.

I just wish the current ones would grow a collective pair and, how did you say it? Do something responsible?
See the last week of Glenn Beck on YouTube if you believe that the Dems haven't lost touch. You didn't say that what you believe explicitly. I am just saying that if you think they haven't sold you out as the GOP has sold me out, then the last 5 days of Glenn's show will prove it to you. Its not about the GOP and Dems anymore, I'm sure you would agree. But I won't put words in your mouth. This series demonstrates and provides questioning which no one in the current administration including both houses of congress will answer. Furthermore many of these questions, regarding the Dems ingnoring the radical groups that are using them, haven't been answered for several years now. The evidence shows just how beholden/hijacked the Dems have become to radical anti-capitalist groups.
Unlike communism, millions of people haven't died under capitalist representative republics. We hear the same story, 5 men during the guilded age wreaked havoc in industry. Also, it is said that the Anti-Trust Laws were never made strict enough. Yes, these men did shady things, yet their monopolies flourished due to the aid of government (government and business don't mix). Moreover, the anti-trust laws actually help leading businesses keep competitors down. Free market capitalism allows well to do businesses rise and prices to fall, this is how they keep their market share. It is government support of businesses which allows monopolies to go unchecked by competitors. You think this is blasphemous? Revisit those periods of our history and see how government (particularly progressive policies) have helped monopolies form. See Austrian Economics. We need to get back on the gold standard, grandfather in the fair tax, and get rid of the centralized power of the Federal Reserve. Perhaps the FED all together.
I had a manager like that. Hated me.
Basically, this manager served in gulf war I'm thinking, hates that Obama is in. Actually when I replayed the swearing in that happened twice; I was watching youtube one day (on break) at work and he motioned to shoot the POTUS with his finger, right up to the screen, wierdo!

So yeah, there's many Catholic/Mormonish I duunoish anymore what cia stuff they could be up to; including capturing youths for mass-indoctrination, hello.

That plant manager print broker guy would always say 'go with god' knowing I got the heck outta cathy privy school at end of 11th grade.



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