The FAQ says that I can, but the option isn't there. Is there something else I need to know, like have things changed since that FAQ was written?

I would really like that discussion gone, and it has to do with the reasons I stated in there. You know, google results stuff, since my old username is mentioned in there.

The discussion in question:

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It's the replies unfortunately, that contain it, which I assume would only be removed if the entire discussion is removed.

Third, Sigh, unless the info in those replies unambiguously refers to you, deny, deny, deny.

Second, it will be tedious but you can message the people whose replies contain the info you want deleted and ask them to edit the info out or to delete their replies.

First, you may have opportunities to say "So what?" or "Get used to it!"

I was in San Francisco when young gay men were empowering themselves with "We're here! We're queer! Get used to it!" (Some old gay men had no energy for the fight; they needed to shelter themselves.)

Young pagan women were empowering themselves with "We are witches."

Many women were empowering themselves by accepting the words "feminist" and "feminism".

Years before I retired, but with no family to provide for, I was doing hardball politics and realized the truth in "If it doesn't destroy me, it will make me stronger."

It didn't destroy me and and becoming stronger was the best thing I ever did for myself. My political "enemies" helped me do it.




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