Is Amanda Knox a "She-Devil" or is she the innocent girl the Italian Justice System set free?  (Delve into the origin and definition of 'devil' and you will see the direction of this discussion)

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"Devil is believed in many religions and cultures to be a powerful, supernatural entity that is the personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind. The Devil is commonly associated with heretics, infidels, and other unbelievers." - Wikipedia


Therefore, the term "Devil" can only exist if you are a believer.  Devil is associated with Satan in Hell (in a religious person's eyes), therefore to me, the term "devil" is non existent.  I would even want to place my own definition on the word devil because then I am insinuating that there is a Heaven, which none of us knows is true or not.


All over the news, "she-devil" was an accepted term for Amanda and many people read it without thinking twice... but somehow, it left me feeling confused as devil's done exist to me. 

When I looked up the term she-devil, it said a malicious or cruel woman.  I don't follow on how being stupid is malicious or cruel.
Grace-  I never said Amanda Knox is dumb, you did.  I think that what happened to her is unfortunate for a young woman to have to go through.  Pulling the term "she-devil" out of the news for discussion is totally different than labeling Amanda as anything.  The media used this term freely, and as being a nonbeliever, I had a real issue with it.  The dictionary definition of these terms are exactly what I'm using to prove the falsities in them.... again I say... devils can only exist if you are a believer.
I think she's young and dumb and tried to cover up for her guilty friends, but she's not a murder.  I think she served enough jail time for covering for her buddies.  I don't see how being stupid is cruel or malicious.
I haven't been following the trial. However, I believe they are using the term to insinuate that she is in fact guilty. The term appeals to people who believe in a devil. The devil was supposed to be the "father of lies" - that's what I was taught.

I don't know about the Italian justice system.  In the American justice system, there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  We will probably never know the true story of this murder, or who did it, or who did not do it.  


Random observations...


It is interesting that of the 3 convicted, the only one still in prison is a black man.  In addition the one who Amanda Knox falsely accused, and was convicted of perjury for, was a black man.  Some of her time in prison was considered punishment for that perjury.  There is, in my mind, a sense of "the black guy did it".  This is a common accusation in the US, and Amanda Knox is an American.  Racism also exists in Italy, having lead to violence in the recent past.  This does not prove that she was a murderer, however, or that the convicted man is wrongly convicted.


Good thing Italy doesn't have the quick 'conviction to gunshot in the head" that China has, or Ms. Knox's vindication would be a moot point.  Also good thing for her she's a white American woman.  Although some did think that the original conviction was partly due to antiAmerican resentment.


Even if she's a sex kitten (one of the claims on her character), that doesn't prove anything about whether she committed murder.  There are lots of people who will have sex at the drop of a hat, and they are not murderers, and some of them are the nicest people around.


Even if she's a "she-devil", that also doesn't prove she's a murderer.  I have worked with, and known,  a number of people who meet the dictionary definition of that term, and as far as I know, none of them are murderers.  Also a few "he-devils", so use of the term is a bit sexist.  Also, the term may have different nuances in Italian culture and Italian language, that we miss from the translation.


Our reporting system is so sensational ans so shallow, it's hard to make much of this.  It will quickly sink into the background, until she publishes her book, then...  "oooh, shiny!".

In this case though, his blood and DNA were all over the crime scene only his.  I understand he later confessed to the murder whiIe in prison.  I followed the appeal fairly closely.  The reason Amanda Knox got off was because there was not a single scrap of evidence she was even there at the time the murder was committed.  She got off because there was no evidence she was guilty and some that pointed evidence tampering to make her look guilty.  The only thing the prosecution actually proved through evidence was after 50 hours of interrogation, she began to make up stuff  and she may have covered for her friends. 


The American media never called her a "she-devil" accept when reporting on what the Italian media was saying.  We never call anyone names like "she-devil" even Pam Smart (a teacher who convinced her teenage boyfriends to murder her husband) or Andrea Yates (a woman who believed god told her to kill her five children) or Susan Smith (who killed her children because her boyfriend didn't like them).

I agree... the term  "she-devil" came from the Italian papers and media.  Once again, although we are in America, we are a part of the entire world.  The Internet has taken everything on it from a local front to a global front, and you can't forget that we are all connected now and the use of words or interactions affect the entire world eventually.
Sentient- I genuinely enjoyed your comments.  Well thought out and meaningful ... thanks for your time.  Great points.

I never actually saw your poll, but I would only be able to answer along the lines of "this poll is invalid." Why bother to ask an allegedly serious question about a fictional entity, unless you wanted to spread that theistic meme? Wouldn't it make more sense to poll about the illogical mind virus appellation the media use?

Would you bother to respond to a question such as, "Is Brother Richard a satyr?" It presupposes satyrs exist. Isn't the question just too stupid? Would you also start discussions about movies with titles like, "Dumb and Dumber" or "Jackass"? Give your audience credit for a few neurons.

If you're interested in language use, and the pitfalls thereof, please don't start at the bottom of the theistic meme pit.

Thanks to libel suits, the American media has very tight restrictions on how they report about crime.  For example, they must use words like "alleged bank robber" or "arrested for murder".  They cannot call people names or say anything the presupposes guilt.  Here are the rules the US media must follow when reporting crime: 


thanks Grace




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