I found this picture on one of the social sites - I can't remember which. Anyone know who to attribute it to? It's one of the best (and creepiest) illustrations of faith and children I've come across.


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Damn cool, and damn creepy!

Thanks for posting. I know a few places I'd like to spread this around.
Wow, that's some theocratic shyte there!
I know it's the flu talking, but all I can think is, I wonder if the mind could adapt to the eyes being re-arranged one above the other, and still manage to correct for perspective on the fly.

... I think I know now why I'm atheist... I ask too many damn questions.
Actually Johnsky, I thought the same thing while also thinking that's part of the beauty of the picture. The way religion not only closes in and smushes your brain but skews the very way you see things.

This cartoon needs to be a painting in a museum.
Looks like its from here, but the site is offline at the moment.
Reminds me of Coraline and button eyes.
It's funny because it's true!
Still gives me the shivers. I know so many of those kids.


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