Amazing Grace: God and Politics in Conflict Again: Christian Child Molestation

Very detailed and meticulously researched article on how a coach at a Christian children's school was able to molest minors and get away with it.  Almost.

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An extremely well researched article.  About the only thing that was a real surprise to me -- I grew up in Oklahoma -- was that a jury would find a church guilty of anything.  That the award was embarrassingly small was, I imagine, to be expected.  The church responded as any corporate entity would: circle the wagons, defend the molester as long as possible, then throw him to the wolves while denying any knowledge, despite the evidence.  Refusal to take the accusations outside the circle was also predictable; we insiders can't trust outsiders.  A depressing story, and one that proves again when a child makes an accusation pay attention, and get professionals on the case as early as possible.  Penn State taught the same lessons.


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