"The idea that a group of people — whether defined as a nation or as a religion — could be condemned for all time and without the possibility of an appeal was (and is) essentially a totalitarian one." - Christopher Hitchens


I'm working on a project about dystopias and I'd like to start a brainstorm/discussion, which I'd like you all to contribute to.


What might America (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) look like if the Christian right came to power and created a totalitarian religious regime? 


What would you be allowed to do and what would be banned? How would government be affected? What would happen to your daily life and freedoms? What would happen to the school system? How would media change: TV, the internet, etc? What would you be afraid of as an atheist? How might it resemble similar regimes in the middle-east or historical totalitarian regimes? How might it all come about in the first place - how would our rights be carefully 'tricked' away from us?


I'm looking for examples and ideas from overarching national political levels, right down to the smallest personal encroachments.


Feel free to go over-the-top and let your imagination run away with you!


Thank you!





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bump. no takers?

You really want an answer to that question?  If so, I have a reading assignment for you, to wit:

  1. "If this goes on..." from Revolt in 2100, by Robert Heinlein
    This one is the real pilot book. What may be scarier is that Heinlein wrote it over 50 years ago, yet saw the possibility of a christian theocracy in the US.
  2. Job, A Comedy of Justice, by Robert Heinlein
    This one doesn't give you the full view, but in the "North American Union" world that Heinlein's characters traverse through, there are more than a few hints of where a christian-driven American society would trend.

There are probably other good books out there that have taken a poke at this question, but these are my faves, and I think they both have some thing very substantial to say on the subject.

Much appreciated. Will look into these...

Anyone remember the final scene from The Bodysnatchers, 1978, with Donald Sutherland? His character survived by blending in - until he made the mistake of risking an expression of humanity and, of course, that was it for him.

Humanity?  Oh, BROTHER!

For the last couple days, I've been in an argument with some catholic dip regarding the incident I wrote about at St. Joseph's in Phoenix, Arizona. The dip wants to say that the church was concerned for "all the souls involved" ... as though the woman would have been better served if she and her fetus had been allowed to die, therewith leaving a husband and four LIVING children without a mother, because that was the will of their invisible deity.

Crap like this and a LOT WORSE would be the least of the fallout if the christers were to get their way in the US ... or anywhere else, for that matter. That is the brand of "humanity" I would expect.

Like I've said a thousand times - like we all have- belief in god permits the believer to defer personal and social responsibility to god - to a scapegoat if you will.

Want to know what it would be like?  Read history.  There was a time in the western world when Christianity controlled society.  Today, we refer to that time as "The Dark Ages."

 I DO read history, and I've been reading about religion in medieval history for the past couple of years.

It was really only called 'dark ages' because of the deterioration of society after Rome collapsed, or more specifically, the darkness was a reflection of the lack of literature and culture. Also, the dark ages is really only 'early medieval'. The apex of the religious awfulness came later in the middle ages.

I'm specifically looking for modern day examples regards politics and culture.

The Jim Crow South? Pakistan, Gaza? Afganistan? Even artificially wealthy societies like Saudi Arabia provide good examples - especially if you're female, gay, African, atheist, etc., etc. 

And who took control after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century?  The Christian church.  And what was the beginning of the end of their control?  The Black Plague of the 14th century followed by the Renaissance starting in Italy.  I certainly didn't mean to imply that you don't read history - sorry if that's how it came across.  However, if you're looking for a model, I'd at least use it as a starting point.  And, followed by the religious wars that swept  Europe (and which the US founding fathers wanted to avoid).  There are numerous sects (or, more appropriately) cults of Christianity in the US - several of them actually despising each other.  Wouldn't that be fun to arm them and let them fight for control!

David,  try going to


Ask the same questions as here, but make it more like

"What might America look like if Mitt Romney came to power and created a totalitarian Mormon regime?"

I assure you, that would be the worst case scenario. Islam could no worse.

I don't know if the above would consider that too political or not. Also try:




You want to know what it would look like, read Chris Hedges War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. Brief summary; self-destructive psychosis.




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