America’s Founders Allegedly Used Biblical Concepts Everywhere

With the nation’s capital now having a Museum of the Bible, thumpers on C-SPAN 3 are claiming the Bible is the origin of every concept in the Constitution, even the idea that Americans are a fallen people and original sin. 

If nothing else, they are dedicated. Are they defining a new test of patriotism?

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Okay ... someone PLEASE tell me where the bible promotes democracy or the rights of the individual.  Anyone?

I've said this multiple times: the bible is not and never has been about rights.  It is virtually exclusively about the obligations humans have to the guy who supposedly created them, what we should and should not do and the carrots and sticks associated with both categories: either kissing Yahweh's ass or being tortured for all eternity.

Parenthetically, I used that first line on a person who approached our FFRF / NOFS table during Ingenuity Fest a couple years ago.  He didn't like it much.

The Bible -- actually the scriptures of all three major Abrahamic religions -- are almost all about obedience, even to the point of being willing to murder your son because voices in your head tell you to.

Very interesting how a supposedly all-knowing god didn't write anything about Athenian democracy (either approvingly or "don't do as those heathens do") that existed around 500 BCE, several centuries before Jews started gathering their "sacred writings"!

Interesting sidebar, GC: I used to live in Solon, Ohio, named for one of the seven wise men of Greece and one of those who helped codify the foundational concepts around the system of government we currently enjoy and which Donald Trump is currently engaged in dismantling!

Loren lets get real... The Bible is very obvious where it states Democracy and the rights of individuals.

John 11:35 Jesus wept.

This verse clearly states that Jesus wept for a lack of Democracy and individual rights. You must be one of those atheist that simply cannot interpret the bible correctly because you don't have a super special, magical Holy spirit to help you properly "interpret" the secret teachings of the Bible. That's O.K. though I will pray for you.

Maybe I should go back to being an evangelical....I'm good at this stuff.

Today, Feb 10, 2018, the C-SPAN 3 schedule includes 9.3 hours of thumping.

The subjects include the founding, Ben Franklin’s faith, the Constitutional Republic, Tomorrow, the and the American Revolution.

Tomorrow, Feb 11, the C-SPAN 3 schedule includes 5.75 hours of thumping.

I viewed the first program and was surprised that roughly synonomous words were considered evidence of the founders’ basing their choices on the bible.

When I find a C-SPAN contact I will ask them their reason for scheduling history as creative as this.

I intentionally missed that C-Span show along with many other entrails that may be a lead up to Vallentine Day or some other sush nonsense.

In a previous discussion years ago,  pulled slight  out a hand of a guy who meantioned religious text in the document - referring to some entrails about the date -  year of our lowered [sic} not knowing the calander changed from Julian to Gregorian.

For fun see:

For more dribble some may be interested in the origin of the term "April Fools Day."

Of course the founders used biblical texts - King James - Angelican - Baptist - Penticostal (where those ass holes around then?)  doesn't matter. Plenty of others were.

Quakers, Shakers - the list of religious zeallots were and continue to be endless.

It doesn't matter.

People don't need GOD  to kill others.

[Unfortuntunatly I missed the show you saw.]

I need to see the part about Ben Franklin's faith.  I know he once shelled out his cash to an evangelical, but that was in admiration of his skills, not belief of his product.  Franklin was, at most, a deist light, and only that because no alternative explanation of our existence ... existed.  

Of course, once somebody dies anybody can make him any faith they want to, retroactively.  Ever been to a funeral of an atheist, given by a relative's choice of minister?  

Pence is being put in place and I'm not sure of the exit of Trump. The New Apostolic Reformation is a part of this and we are being set up for a theocracy. Some of those behind it are in the current administration. The Museum of the Bible is designed as a testament to the new beliefs. True historians and atheists might be the only ones to object on this. Church goers have drank the koolaide for many years so they will go with it. If you can see what I am saying here immigrants will not be welcome. White skinned people are predominate. Apparently history does repeat itself. 


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