America’s Sociopathic Capitalism — Again. How Much Longer?

It’s in the news again.

This time (Feb. 1, 2019) it’s about the privacy rights of European computer users being stronger than the privacy rights of American computer users — and about an American computer company being penalized for violating Europeans’ privacy.

It’s sometimes about GMO foods banned in Europe and not banned in America.

Study American economic history and you will learn — if you don’t already know — of the recessions and depressions after which America’s taxpayers bail out the people responsible.

And American conservatives attack European capitalism.

What say you?

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I believe America’s drug addiction problems are in part caused by the abuses by America’s economic privileged class, who buy or rent the politicians they need to protect their privileges.

A impermeable wall around Wall Street, its environs and their denizens might work.


I put the problem down to being a super strong hold over America by Neoliberalism.

Market forces drive America's policies and the people really don't matter at all.
Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump are all pawns to neoliberalism / corporatism.

The corporations own America and market forces are God.
People don't factor into the equation. 
That is the product of neoliberalism.

DD, your post appears to say neoliberalism does the harm, not neoliberals.

Is that your intent?




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