America’s True Role in Syria

For those of us who have not been following news reports from commercial sources but rather read alternative press, we have known for a long time that USA plays a very active part in the war in Syria. 

JEFFREY D. SACHS gives a good analysis of what is happening, why, and the ramifications. 

A widespread – and false – perception is that Obama has kept the US out of the Syrian war. Indeed, the US right wing routinely criticizes him for having drawn a line in the sand for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over chemical weapons, and then backing off when Assad allegedly crossed it (the issue remains murky and disputed, like so much else in Syria). A leading columnist for the Financial Times, repeating the erroneous idea that the US has remained on the sidelines, recently implied that Obama had rejected the advice of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to arm the Syrian rebels fighting Assad.

In January, the New York Times finally reported on a secret 2013 Presidential order to the CIA to arm Syrian rebels. As the account explained, Saudi Arabia provides substantial financing of the armaments, while the CIA, under Obama’s orders, provides organizational support and training.

I (Sachs) subscribe to a different view: wars should be a last resort and should be constrained by democratic scrutiny. This view holds that America’s secret war in Syria is illegal both under the US Constitution (which gives Congress the sole power to declare war) and under the United Nations Charter, and that America’s two-sided war in Syria is a cynical and reckless gamble. The US-led efforts to topple Assad are not aimed at protecting the Syrian people, as Obama and Clinton have suggested from time to time, but are a US proxy war against Iran and Russia, in which Syria happens to be the battleground.

This is the main reason why the US security state refuses to tell the truth. The American people would call for peace rather than perpetual war. Obama has a few months left in office to repair his broken legacy. He should start by leveling with the American people.

~ Jeffrey D. Sachs

(my emphasis)

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Syrian Refugees, suffering! 

Even when the Iraq war has been found to be action has been taken and media is acting as if nothing has happened. What is happening in Syria being put aside, the state of affairs will come to bite american citizens in the ass, sooner or later.

The only problem here is that if Obama was not in office the Syrian nightmare would be continued on the American side by someone else. Advisors have a way of getting what the military wants.

No wonder that we are not liked abroad. Things like this have went on in a big way in the past and the message of 1963 was to let the military industrial complex do what it wanted.




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