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America: The Grim Truth


Some of the claims in the article are untrue (70% of taxes going to the military) and others are just nuts (the government is going to lock the place down...they don’t want their “recruits” escaping. They don’t want YOU escaping)


However, let's take a look at the primary claim:

"You (Americans) have the worst quality of life in the developed world – by a wide margin"


and some of the supporting claims

Americans have:

-less access to health care

-poorer diets (less healthy)

-Low quality food (more processed, more contamination, etc)

-More reliance on meds

-Less vacation time (more stress)

-Expensive education (starting life with high debt)

-Greater Debt Overall

-Higher Bankruptucy rates (see above on debts)

-Less freedom (drug tests, surveillence)

-Misinformed citizenry (Fox News, Right/Left wing media)

-An uneducated population

-Corrupt politicians

-Crushing Debt

-etc, etc, etc.


I'd love to hear from anyone, but especially those of you who reside outside of America and can provide objective viewpoints.



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Why do we always seem so concerned about our own country? 

Maybe because we concentrate our brain power on important things such as what is happening on Jersey Shore.



Mentally, you are truly imprisoned. You don’t even know the degree to which you are tormented by fears of medical bankruptcy, job loss, homelessness and violent crime because you’ve never lived in a country where there is no need to worry about such things.


I am an American living in the US and I do not feel this way. I may be uncommonly fortunate, though. And at times I would like to leave because of my freedoms are being taken away. But where would I go? I loathe socialism and both the Republican and the Democratic parties for their bartering over what to do with my means of living. I value individual rights. I do not wish to pay for another's healthcare or education and I do not think government has any proper role other than to uphold individual rights by monopolization of retaliatory force. So, unless there is another place that values these things more than here, I'm staying. Due to the fed, trade agreements, ear-marking, special interest groups, corruption, welfare and social security, among other stuff, I was born a slave to the government and my fellow Americans. We are definitely losing privacy in the name of social protection. Hell in a hand-basket, the world is going to. If we empower people, by valuing individual rights, to earn and keep their own shit, standard of living would go up and the ignorant and lazy would stop multiplying as much. We enable them with the welfare state. The government cannot supply value or virtue, only make them possible by providing freedom. It is each individual's responsibility to find the means of living. I must be so selfish. I admit it, with pride.

I agree with you on individual rights and liberty.  However, I do not feel that a corporation is an individual though.  The whole idea that we give corporations the same status as a legal person is repugnant.  Corporations and businesses have no moral conscience to obey the individual rights of others.  Their sole motive is profit, and everyone else be damned.


While I don't either think corporations are individuals or should have such rights, I value the profit motive. Laws of a proper moral government should be written that stop anything, from foreign aggressors to other citizens to companies to whatever else, that would infringe upon the rights of the individual. It's not so much the corporations, imo, as it is the special benefit they get from corrupt government.

@ Michael,
Perhaps you'll find the freedoms you are looking for in some of the African countries - Somalia or Sierra Leone perhaps? Is that the type of freedom you seek?


No thanks. I doubt I'd have the freedom I have here.

It is that selfishness that inhibits the Americans to help themselves as a nations to over come their problems.  Unless you see that, you will never suceed.  Everyone in the nation pays for each other in one way or another by way of taxeation.  Otherwise, you would not have municipal water, state roads, or any of the other facilities and infastructure needed to run the country. So you yourself are a rescipiant of those public funds by using them.  Yet you pass judgement on others who are in need of other types of funds that you might not use.  Each of us uses public funding in our own way.

"The point is, what is defined as "freedom", everyone's idea of freedom is different, and everyone complains about their owni country"


So, what is "freedom" to you SSL?  Who do you think has more freedom, the average american, brit, canadian, french, norwegian or swede? Feel free to insert a different nationality if you choose.


And does this freedom necessarily equate to overall societal well being?  Sure, I may have freedom, but at what cost to the society that I live in? 



A person's freedom cannot properly include the product of another's work. You are saying that a person might be free to have other people's stuff, that it there fundamental human right, to take from those who have, when they need. I am not arguing that helping people is bad, just not their their right. A government should not attempt to free someone from the need to be responsible for their own welfare or try and protect them from the need to use their own mind, body and merit to survive and be happy, especially when it gets these things from others by force, even if that is agreed upon by 90% of the population. How can everybody's arbitrary definition be accurate? If someone thinks that their freedom entails being free from disease at the cost of their neighbor, that's just OK with you? How about the freedom to do what you want with your own life and earnings as long as you don't trample on anyone else's ability to do that? Simply making your own money, even lots of it, doesn't hurt others, in fact it will likely result in them having a job.


Word. Sorry, maybe I wasn't reading carefully.

It will not result in creating a job, if you selfishly keep all those earning for yourself and spend it all on yourself.


I don't think that is true. Personally, my parents have a large business and the more money they have and the less taxes they pay, the more people they employ in order to grow their business to make more money. They did not go into business to make other people happy. They did it for themselves and giving thousands of people jobs, was a necessary by-product.

It is not your right to take another's money. I understand that you think that everyone has agreed to do that, well, at least the majority, but mob rule does not make it right. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you are a bully. You do not like that some people have and others don't, so you take it from them.


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