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America: The Grim Truth


Some of the claims in the article are untrue (70% of taxes going to the military) and others are just nuts (the government is going to lock the place down...they don’t want their “recruits” escaping. They don’t want YOU escaping)


However, let's take a look at the primary claim:

"You (Americans) have the worst quality of life in the developed world – by a wide margin"


and some of the supporting claims

Americans have:

-less access to health care

-poorer diets (less healthy)

-Low quality food (more processed, more contamination, etc)

-More reliance on meds

-Less vacation time (more stress)

-Expensive education (starting life with high debt)

-Greater Debt Overall

-Higher Bankruptucy rates (see above on debts)

-Less freedom (drug tests, surveillence)

-Misinformed citizenry (Fox News, Right/Left wing media)

-An uneducated population

-Corrupt politicians

-Crushing Debt

-etc, etc, etc.


I'd love to hear from anyone, but especially those of you who reside outside of America and can provide objective viewpoints.



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When you wish to take my money because you think you need it, you are being as selfish as I am. Selfishness is not bad. Neither is compassion, respect, sharing, giving, helping, philanthropy or charity, but forced sacrifice is bad.

Having a social conscience is never bad.  I do not need your money, but the countries need the support of ALL citizen to operate.  You think you are so important that you can opt out and keep everything for yourself. That is the epitome of self center egotism.


I agree, having a social conscience is not bad. Demanding other people's money and perpetuating the welfare state is.

Keep everything for myself? No. Just what I make.

And, YES, I am a very proud, self-centered egoist!!! So is every other humasn being on the planet! It is the nature of the singular mind. There is no collective conscious, that is an oxymoron. Only an individual can have thoughts. Society is made up of groups of individuals and it is the individual that rights concern, not the groups.

To be proud of being self-center and egotistic really does show your true character.  Glad I am not related to you.
Let me add,  Glad I don't know him personally.

Proof that socialism does not work.


Your proof is an obvious strawman.

How does our socialist system coerce and overpower and control?  How does it encourage poverty?  Caring is not the issue.

Right  now, Canada has problems with too much foreign investment and the government has recently taken steps to try and curb that to hold onto our natural resources and industry.

"Investment is key to economic growth, and since 1993 foreign direct investment (FDI) in Canada has risen by 54%, reaching $218 billion in 1998....since the NAFTA was implemented, U.S. investment in Canada increased by 63%"


So far, socialism has not destroyed Canada. But the US is destroying itself.  Please explain that. You are far more debt than we are.

@Michael  How did they do that?  Since you are claiming that out interpretation on your stance is wrong.  Tell us what exactly you are talking about.
Property rights. By acknowledging that a person's freedom is dependent on them being able to keep their own earnings. Certain groups don't get money from individuals just because they need it.
Apparently if you're a business that is too big to fail you do.  I'm tired of our government aligning itself with corporate interest that currently privatizes profit but socializes risk.  I don't need to pay for your shitty decision making ability, especially if you are a business.
Righteeo. Well put. Any individual or group of individuals that makes profit should assume the risk. One should not assume, by law, risk or responsibility for any body but themselves. If one wishes to give generously to a cause or venture with any sort of, or lack of, attachments to that, go ahead, be my guest (as long as it does not impinge on another's rights).


No, prosperity does not necessitate bullying, but socialism does.


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