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America: The Grim Truth


Some of the claims in the article are untrue (70% of taxes going to the military) and others are just nuts (the government is going to lock the place down...they don’t want their “recruits” escaping. They don’t want YOU escaping)


However, let's take a look at the primary claim:

"You (Americans) have the worst quality of life in the developed world – by a wide margin"


and some of the supporting claims

Americans have:

-less access to health care

-poorer diets (less healthy)

-Low quality food (more processed, more contamination, etc)

-More reliance on meds

-Less vacation time (more stress)

-Expensive education (starting life with high debt)

-Greater Debt Overall

-Higher Bankruptucy rates (see above on debts)

-Less freedom (drug tests, surveillence)

-Misinformed citizenry (Fox News, Right/Left wing media)

-An uneducated population

-Corrupt politicians

-Crushing Debt

-etc, etc, etc.


I'd love to hear from anyone, but especially those of you who reside outside of America and can provide objective viewpoints.



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I want nobody to give me money for nothing. Anyone who wants to go on the road will pay. Whether they are a customer or employee. It isn't comlex. Ever paid a toll? Ever paid for the ability to use a facility?

Well, I never said anything about someone giving you something for nothing, simply asked who should pay for it. No, I never actually paid a toll. 

 I will not go to a place of business if I have to pay for parking. Do not care if it is only a meter box, not paying it. If they want my business they will accomodate, if not I will go elsewhere.


Would go into it more, but it is almost bedtime.



If you had a business on a road that required a toll, you can be absolutely certain that a lot of people will not visit your business.  They will go to another establishment where they do not have to pay.  Your business will suffer.  Plain and simple, you will lose money.


I am not opposed to loans while a person gets back on their feet, but if left free from coercion from the government, a person should be able to afford driving on the road. If they bought health insurance, then they should be able to get money from their insurance company, in the event that they are a disabled driver.

You are assuming they can get health insurance.  And you are assuming that banks will lend the necessary funds.  These are the same banks that caused the financial crisis.


It is my impression that the real estate bubble was partly caused by government forced sub-prime loans. And those banks might as well be instruments of the corrupt government giving special treatment to the banks. In a relatively free market, there is no reason why a bank wouldn't give a loan or why an insurance company would not give insurance.


The only power the business that builds and operates the road is charging for its use. Your emotions are getting the better of you. I am talking about the immorality of forced taxation.


Voluntary taxation. Paid citizenship. There is a multitude of ways to organize things that do not entail assault on the individual. Anarchy? Government should uphold individual rights. The only monopoly would be government's control of physical force.


Regardless of the best economic theory, I am not going to pretend that I am extremely knowledgable in economics, but regarldess of what the best way is to ensure quality and low prices, it is not the right of a group of people, or any government for that matter, to tell a person what they can and cannot sell, at what prices they can sell it at. I am not saying that pure, 100%, unfettered, anarchy should ensue, but that individuals make money and increase wealth, based on the profit motive. If economically, one way of doing business is shown to directly impinge on the rights of the individual, then laws should be in place. But just because you need to work hard to make a living, because the market is already populated with hard workers, the government should not step in so that some poeple may have it easier. Rich people do not have it easier because they are evil necessarily or because they step on others, it is because either they worked hard, their parents worked hard or they got lucky, but just because some people do well, does not give other people the right to their shit!!!

It is a myth that all one has to do is work hard and they can get rich.


Financially capable and independent, then.

If they can keep their own money, and they work, in a relatively free market, there is no reason why they would not be able support themselves.
You are living in a fantasy.  Businesses are trying to find the cheapest work possible.  They don't WANT to cut into their profits.


Workers and businesses negotiate the terms of their contracts. If you can't get a job in a relatively free economy, you have brain damage and can collect disability if you purchased insurance.



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