So we all know that Atheists are considered the least patriotic clique/group in American right? I have a simple question that might just take a little thought: What do you think is the least patriotic clique, group, or general assortment of people in America? If you are from the UK or another place you can also have a say in this or post the least in your area.

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I'm an atheist and I served in the military as many men and women who are atheist have.I find it funny that some of those people that wear all flag pins and stuff would have a fit if they were asked to serve their country.
At BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) I read something very appropriate on the wall of a porta-jon there. It said:

America is not at war. The Military is at war. America is at the mall.
Patriotism is defined as "devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty." I certainly do love my country, but I also love my ridiculous family members who believe in god-magic. Love means that you care deeply inspite of any negetive observations, and that's accurate for me. The other side of the coin of sensability is an extremist point of view, which ignores that which is wrong out of the belief that this is how love handles negetivity. When you hear an extremist babble about what it is to be patriotic, you can hear them point out a true patriot's concerns as evidence of anti-patriotism. I think that the reverse is true- ignoring problems is dismissive, not an act of love. Quite frankly, I think that it comes from an unwillingness to disturb ones sense of righteousness.

"Don't be silly, America hasn't been racists since anti-discrimination laws were passed."
Really? Could you be any more stupid and ignorant?

"The world looks to us to lead the way forward."
Uh no, they may have had a lot of hope for us before we went all nutty Crusader but now most people think we're kind of a joke.

"Atheists are ruining America."
Hmm, considering that many of the founding fathers were secular in philosophy and that most of the disasterous policies of my life were begun by decidedly christian folk, that's pretty hard to prove.

Yet I'm the anti-patriot?
I want my country to do well, just as I want the rest of the world to do well. I have respect for Constitutional principles, even if the country doesn't always abide by them. But that is the extent of my patriotism. I have no problem admitting that I'd rather be in America than many other places (Afghanistan, for example), and I have no problem admitting, too, that our country does some really stupid things.

But I don't understand all the emotional patriotism -- I don't get why some people in my family would slap me for not putting my hand over my heart during the national anthem or for refusing to recite an unconstitutional pledge of allegiance or support everything the military does. To me, these are superficial idols that have nothing to do with truly caring about one's country, nor do I understand why I should elevate a country over the rest of the world. I am merely one creature living in a biosphere that has evolved over billions of years. I'm a part of nature. I tend to see the world in those terms rather than elevating my American citizenship status above all else.
Here here!

The whole nationalism when you have no reason to be nationalistic thing never made sense to me.

Support your country and it's government... WHEN IT DESERVES IT.

If it does not... don't.

I was quite literally looking for EU countries to join and learning other languages when the coalition was attempting to get into power here in Canada... luckily that never happened. Saved me a plane ticket. And a dictionary.

But as for the US... that is one country that has ALLOT of changing to do before I even consider setting foot in it. Your ideas of justice and community values are so backwards, I might as well be a black homosexual moving to Italy in 1940.

Needless to say... I'm never moving to the US. Canada is home, provided they continue to prove to me why I should call it home... otherwise, there's the EU to go to.

My home is where liberty is.
If liberty ceases to exist where I live... it is no longer home.
It's that simple.

I don't care if it's a 3rd world country... so long as I have as much freedom as is humanly possible... it's my home. From the examples I've seen... the US will never be that home.
Uh no, they may have had a lot of hope for us before we went all nutty Crusader but now most people think we're kind of a joke.

This is more true than I can even explain. All my foreign relatives tell me about how the international community perceives the US...We had power and screwed up royally with it. But there are still people who just get so over-emotional and defensive over the States, gloss over critical flaws and then get mad cos people dared to criticise 'Merika.

We're going in a downward spiral, man. I don't know what would undo the damage.
*clears throat* Well...unfortunately...this is why I'm moving to Europe after graduation. As much as I'd love to stick around, I know things will be a *trifle* easier over there than here.
Dude are you kidding? Like every college pseudo-hippie, I dream of living in Amsterdam. But despite its issues, I enjoy England very much and will most likely end up there. I will miss deep-fried oreos.
It's too bad Em, 'Murika will never recover if all of the good and intelligent folk abandon ship. Still I don't blame you and a big part of me wants to do the same and just leave but I can't reconcile leaving the largest supply of nukes in the world in the hands of the fundies.
Still I don't blame you and a big part of me wants to do the same

Europe is calling...but it's gonna take time for me to leave. Have you seen the currency rate lately? My boyfriend came over and had a field day because to anyone with GBP or Euros, shopping in the US is automatically 50% off. Perhaps by the time I have enough bank to get out, things'll get better. Right?


I can't reconcile leaving the largest supply of nukes in the world in the hands of the fundies.

Damn it! I didn't think about that!

...Makes me wanna run for President. *wry smile*
You got my vote. I would run but I got way to many skeletons in my closet. :)

Besides, I'm a white guy- I'd never win.

LOL, sorry I could help it.
Besides, I'm a white guy- I'd never win.

LOL. Just LOL.



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