So we all know that Atheists are considered the least patriotic clique/group in American right? I have a simple question that might just take a little thought: What do you think is the least patriotic clique, group, or general assortment of people in America? If you are from the UK or another place you can also have a say in this or post the least in your area.

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I do, however, think that with communication the way it is the world is shrinking. This means that ignoring the well being of others, outside of the imaginary lines we call borders, is no longer practical.

Yessirrrr. Benedict Anderson had forseen the gradual evaporation of the nation-state, accelerated by globalisation. Very interesting theory.
To paraphrase. Humanity will finally find freedom when the last priest is hanged with the entrails of the last nationalist.
Patriotism is love for your country, the people in it, and in the USA devotion to the Constitution. Real patriots try to affect change through the legitimate machinery of our democracy. I'll wear a flag pin and tell someone I'm a socialistic liberal. When they argue that I'm not patriotic after all it gives me an opportunity to give them a civics lesson about the free flow of ideas being intrinsic to our democracy. I can then point out that their use of the flag as an icon can actually be construed as limiting, dogmatic and unpatriotic.



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