Anybody feel that American Atheists causing some atheists to disassociate with it? I know as of right now I view it as hurting the intellectual movement. Seeing them trying to get the so called 9-11 cross to be removed from the memorial just seems...petty. David Silverman does not seem fit to represent atheists as a whole in my opinion. There are much more productive ways to fade religion out of society and filing lawsuits on anything that seems remotely religious just seems like a gross allocation of resources. In my opinion the cross thing was a symbol of hope for people and it is a part of history so it should be in the memorial. There were thousands of beams just like that in the centers so it is not unique. What are your thoughts on AA and how the represent atheists in America?

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I have mixed feelings about David Silverman.  Sometimes he makes me cringe and sometimes he makes me crack up.  I think he is definitely on the extremist side. Madalyn Murray O Hare was also an extremist and a completely vile woman.  But she got shit done.  She was responsible for getting rid of gov't-sponsered prayer in school. So, while I may not agree with everything the AA does, in the end, they'll do more good than harm.

John D - thanks for the link to Silverman's video.  Like you, I agree with Silverman, and have already sent AA $$ in support of their work.  We are constantly bombarded with "in your face" examples of the intolerance of the religious toward us.  And I, for one, don't agree that the appropriate response always has to be the warm and fuzzy approach. There are times when it is appropriate to look them dead in the eye and simply say, "Fuck You! I'm not putting up with your shit."  


In the video, Silverman mentioned the "Reason Rally" to be held in Washington D.C. in 2012.  The date set is March 24, 2012, and for more information, the web site is  

John D thanks for that link to the Silverman interview.  I've recently come out as an atheist after being quiet about it for 40 years.  I didn't know exactly where I stood as an atheist, but since seeing David Silverman, I know that I am a "strong" atheist.  I agree with everything he says and I love the way he says it.  I'm not a softie.  My silence was not accomodationist, it was fear.  With a guy like David in my corner, I'm less fearful, and more proud to be an atheist.



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