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Gay Mormons?  That's among the most striking contradiction in terms I know of!  Oh, sure, I have no doubt there are gay Mormons ... VERY quiet and VERY closeted ... while the church hierarchy spends millions supporting Prop 8!

... millions u say? and there's millions going hungry~ that's the kicker. cya::::::::::::: :  :     :     :

Indeed! American Atheists' press release touched on Prop. 8 and other discrimination:

"... Mormonism ... has already used its money and might to impose its beliefs on the non-Mormon citizens of California."

"We need to know if Mr. Romney supports these and other discriminatory actions of his church ... to which he continues to donate millions of dollars."

And the email to CNN from the LDS Church spokesman completely misses the point. So what if there have been black (second-class) members throughout the church's history, and closeted LGBT Mormons?

Hundreds of millions of women are second-class members of misogynistic religions (Mormon Church not excepted) -- that doesn't make that discrimination right either!

(There's a lot of discussion about this at Hang With Friends. Thanks, Jim, for sharing the video!)

keep on rockn' in the free world~
de nada amigo!

I rather imagine that there are "gay Mormons" who are public and available for interview.  Just as the most dictatorial governments have "happy citizens" who will sing the praises of their oppressor to visiting journalists.  And African-American Mormons who will guarantee that they have always been treated as equals.  There are, after all, people who will do anything if the carrot and the stick are properly applied.  And most Americans neither know nor care much about how crazy the Mormon faith really is, lest they notice how crazy their own beliefs are. 

lest ye know you muddafuckaz.. ha... i ate alot of weed today

lmfao, jim, nice work man.




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