American Atheists Dave Silverman handles multiple faux news anchors like a champ! (

It's a brand new day what can he say!?

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That's the problem; Dave is not prepared at all.  He's being highly confrontational. He's not getting people to 'ask questions' as others have put it.  He's polarizing people, and in the process, making it harder for atheists to hustle theists.  His strategy is all wrong and it's discombobulated.  Unfortunately, there are people cheering him on for the wrong methods.


This isn't a physical battle where one can use brute force to 'win.'  There has to be a slow, gradual infiltration of the mind, and that first begins with age old adage "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" -- essentially we have to hustle them, just like a banker hustles a potential client for a loan.

Thanks for standing up in public once again, Dave.

Thanks for the link to this video, Atheist Voyager.  I love David Silverman!
It was unfair because he has three reporters against him here.  However, he handled himself well.
I'm sorry, I find David Silverman to be hurting us.  Keep him working behind the scenes for AA, but please do not put him in the spotlight.  He consistently acts like an ass on air with no tact.  If this is the face to represent my beliefs on national television, then there's no reason for me to be part of AA in the future.

Love the thinking behind this. A photo of him after the shaving cream pie would finish it off.


Pity the website would be



He did a good job surrounded by a pack of wolves. It's very hard to be a lone rationalist in an argument.




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