These could be landmark cases.  Will they be?  Is it time for churches to play by the same financial rules as other non-profit organizations (like AA & FFRF)?

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Sounds like something that should have been done whenever the law establishing this preferred treatment went into effect.  Why should a "magic guy in the sky" non-profit be treated differently from, say, a "flying spaghetti machine" non-profit? 

Though churches are not "Non-Profit Organizations" in any form.

Their charities may be non-profit, but the churches themselves do make a massive profit.

Tithing is an income stream, not a donation it is in fact a tax by the church. So all churches that reap income from tithes should pay tax on the income from those tithes.

Also churches encourage victims, err members to will their properties and possessions over to the church on their death.  All such properties gained by the church should be taxed.

That's in the name of fairness!

Aye M8!    :-D

Would you tax their income or their holdings or both?  Personally, I would just go for putting them under normal corporate tax structure, which would mean a little of each, unless they wanted to go to the effort of holding their cash offshore.


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