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Mitt Romney  -  too scared to:

1) stand up to Rush Limbaugh for calling young women a slut

2) stand up to the extremists who want to degrade & enslave women

3) stand up to the billionaires who want more tax breaks

4) stand up to the corporations who want to pollute

5) stand up to the NRA for opposing ban on assault weapons

6) stand up to the bigots in his party who hate Obama because he's black

7) stand up to the racist birthers in his party

8) stand up to his party for depriving the poor and minorities of the vote

9) stand up to his religion for baptizing dead murdered Jews

10) stand up to the bigots on the Supreme Court

11) stand up to his party's destruction of all the safety net legislation

Is he brave about anything real or is he

just a complete coward about true injustice?


a smooth talking phony and coward




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