Are there any other members of American Atheists here? I have a membership that will expire this year (8/31/2009) and don't know if I will renew it. Any other thoughts on whether this organization is making a big enough difference?

I've noticed that, unlike most atheistic orgainzations, they are not democratic. As of the last few months, their magazines are late (about a month) and always full of typos.

I do like their website (, and they have had legal successes, though it seems lately that the American Humanist Association (I'm also a member) and other organizations take on battles that the American Atheists don't.



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I am the National Affiliate Director & Alabama State Director for American Atheists. Please allow me to address the issues you have raised.

American Atheists is not a democratic organization: If by democratic you mean the members get to vote on the issues we address legally, you are correct. We cannot engage in legal battles based on popularity, but whether the case can be won without setting bad precedent. American Atheists is run by a board of directors and a president. There are some items the President can make decisions on without consulting the board, but the board has veto power over anything and the board votes, democratically.

Regarding the magazine, Frank Zindler, the previous editor was working on the magazine by himself while taking care of his sick wife and acting as President of the organization. He was doing the best that he could under the circumstances and we owe him a lot for his dedication. We have found two new editors that are working on the magazine full time and catching up.

Why does American Atheists not take the same legal cases as other organizations?

Not all legal battles are worth fighting and some of them can create bad legal precedent. American Atheists does not file legal cases just to file: we file to win and we have won every legal case we have taken before a judge.

I hope I have addressed your concerns and I greatly appreciate your comments and feedback. If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to post them.

Thanks and in reason,
Blair Scott
National Affiliate Director & Alabama State Director, American Atheists
Thanks a lot.

Sounds reasonable to me, and your point that they have won all the cases they've taken to court is impressive.

As for the magazine, that was the least of my concerns. I do enjoy reading it despite the typos and appreciate that the president is willing to put so much effort into the organization even while caring for his wife.

Sounds like I'll keep my membership.
I am glad I was able to address your concerns. Our new President, Ed Buckner, is an amazing activist and orator and has already made great headway for the organization. Check out the January magazine for his letter about "Keeping the Faith?" as it goes into some detail about the new "ideals" of the organization and what members can expect from American Atheists as a whole.



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