From atheist (Austin Cline). I read this on my RSS reader.  Cline is not mentioned much in "free thought literature" but is a consistent atheist voice on

What he says here is also seen frequently on other websites, such as Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, and  Which is, some highly outspoken American evangelical groups are celebrating antigay scapegoating efforts in some African countries.  Including Uganda, where the govt. has been teasing the world with on-again-off-again promises of legislation to round up gays, and their supporters, and suspected gays, and suspected supporters, and imprison them and execute gays (see link- much more detail).

Huffington Post also has a provocatively titled, "Who's helping finance Uganda's Kill The Gay's Bill?  You are", worth reading.  The conclusion is "Like it or not, every American taxpayer is funding the "kill the g..."


Hatemongers get press in the US, as "legitimate" voices in "conservative" American Politics.  Example is Tony Perkins, of the Hate Group "Family Research Council", who had many appearances on US networks.  mediamatters. org  The press should juxtapose images of Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, Scott Lively, Michelle Bachman, Brian Brown, Bryan FIscher, with images of gay Iranian teenagers hung in a public square.  Since that's what they want for Africa and probably, the US.  These people are seething with hate.


One thing the politicians and right wing christian hate mongers seem to miss:  the "god will punish you for supporting sodomy" aspect.  Ummm....  Uganda doesn't exactly have the world's best economy.  It's a disease ridden, poverty stricken backwater.  Is god rewarding them for their oppression of "perverts"?  While the economy in the US is, even if we've had hard time, is far and above that of much of the world, ,especially the oppressive regimes.


The US has given Uganda1.8 billion in the past 4 years.


I can't read too much of the Uganda and other African nation reports about oppressing, harassing, beating, arresting, and potentially executing gays.  It's like watching a train wreck with hands over my face, peeking between fingers.  Same with the Muslim world's same behaviors.   The images of the Iranian teenagers hung in a public square still haunt me.  Not linking to that.   Knowing that these abuses are promoted by extremist American Christians, and in some ways by the US Government, is a very hard pill to swallow.




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Hatemongers is the correct term.

Just terrible that some people believe that stuff.

I would point out that Uganda seems only to be a test case. Bear in mind, our love-the-sinner, hate-the-sin Evangelicals will do the same thing here first chance they get.

Note the GOP rank-and-file seems to believe ACORN stole the election for Obama, even though its affairs were wound up in bankruptcy some years ago. Such people would be very easy to lead to a theocratic nightmare, similar to "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis.

I fear for my country. Me, not so much or I'd never served in the military as long as I did. But for those who don't see what real persecution is, coming at them like a Mack truck. (Love that cliche.) Or maybe a hay baler.

I still do not understand why my sister, a gaily-married female in California, is so supportive of such an odious religion as Christianity.

Actually, I do. Rev. Fred Phelps is more intellectually honest about his faith than my sister. She suffers the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy (cherry pick the good stuff, ignore the rest).

"Love the ignorant bigot, hate the ignorant bigotry."

That one is PRECIOUS, Pat, a total keeper!


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