American Family Assoc. says Christians'll be Treated Like "Jim Crow" by Secularists

From God Discussion, the blog which reports on God’s fear of discrimination:

The American Family Association sent mass email to millions that warn Christians they will be treated like black people were during the Jim Crow era within the next fifty years.

The email in question was titled “What will religion look like in the year 2060?” The warning included predictions from the AFA that there will be rampant and brutal discrimination against Christians, and that cities and towns that have Christian names or refer to Christianity will be forcibly changed by the government.

James K (post has the full E-mail from the American Family Association)

The Internet: Where womenare men and 12 year old girls are FBI agents.

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... and idiot-child bible-thumpers are superb prognosticators (i.e.: Harold Camping).

All this amounts to is a bunch of butt-hurt because (for the umpti-umpth time) the christers are losing their sheep, their money, and the associated pull they have with the government.  What they do in response is a classic temper tantrum with the volume and rhetoric cranked to even more ridiculous levels.  They rail because they are becoming more irrelevant, and the one thing they can't acknowledge is the reason why: because their lie is being found out and summarily dropped by those who are bothering to THINK.

You would think by now that they would be getting a little pissed at their god for not stepping in and providing some kind of sign better than a fish jumping into a boat manned by a couple starving and dehydrated people adrift in the middle of the ocean, or saving one baby in a building that collapsed and killed 50 others, or making sure that a stupid teen who tried to balance on a railing but fell 50 stories landed on an awning, or that a rapper got a Grammy.

Can you even imagine? Drinking fountains labeled "secular only"? Ha! If it were to ever happen, it would be because the religious were trying to keep us away from their children.

Unfortunately, once again, believers are their own victims.

wish to reborn a little later.


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