Arizona legislature passes bill requiring presidential candidates to provide records of citizenship to be on Arizona ballots. If they can't provide a birth certificate, baptism documents are acceptable.


How do baptism documents prove citizenship?

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Good question.

Well, I'd better not lose my birth certificate or social security card...ha ha.   Oh, yeah, I don't plan to be president of the U.S. in this lifetime OR to reside in the state of Arizona, so I'm good.  I wonder where my parents have my 'proof of citizenship in the Christian Faith' because I'd like to stamp it "VOID" at this time, subject to evidence and verification of a supernatural visit in the next 50 years of my lifespan. 

How do baptism documents prove citizenship?


In the Rethuglican mindset the only "True Americans" are white christians.


You mean the Religathuglican Party.  I'd also point out that democrats are statist thugs just as much as republicans are.  They just serve different ends.
They can also use Jewish circumcision records.

They don't...I would bet that a mexican can hop the boarder and get baptized still without being a citizen. So by Arizona legislature, this person can be on the ballot.

The IRS allows a letter from clergy for some things, such as proof of principle residence or that a dependent resided with you, if audited, yet your neighbor who has known you for 20 years cannot notarize a statement stating the same thing. I guess the assumption is that clergy will not lie.



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