Is That Heresy? No! It's Democracy.

Briefly, scientists want to do science; too few are engaging the American people.

In political language, too few scientists are educating voters.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is doing it and he makes science interesting. Who is he not reaching?

The demagogues (think Trump) exploit people's fears, and talk louder and more often.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, if astronomers had engaged the public, taxpayers today would not be subsidizing the untested and untestable vBig Bang cosmology.

When more climate scientists engage the public, more biologists, more paleontologists, more ....

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Yup. I'm done with A/N. While I agree that too many Americans know nothing of science, including and especially you, this post is a joke. I'm sick of your dogmatic preaching dude.

You tried to infect my blog with your pseudo science nonsense even after I disengaged from you months ago. You're on some creepy holy crusade to convince everyone here. The only one's you can convince are those who have no understanding of mathematics or what science is, and those who get their historical perspective from conspiracy theory websites riddled with factual inaccuracies. I asked you before to define your position rather than simply make baseless accusations. Only facts matter, you've continually failed to bring ANY facts to the table. Only speculation, conspiracy, and fantasy. I don't think you're a troll anymore, I think you're sincere in your belief. However ancient drawings on cave walls are not evidence of scientific discovery thousands of years ago. Just because some of your ideas showed up on Ancient Aliens doesn't mean I will believe them, it frankly makes your claims even more suspect.

I welcomed you to challenge my position, not in "disproving a cosmology" because you really can't. All you can offer is highly subjective nonsense from the peanut gallery. Rather I asked that you state ALL the reasons you accept your position. You failed to do so, you've made A/N feel like going to church and dealing with the thick headed folks there who will not state their position only attack other peoples positions, because deep down in side they (and you) know that your faith based position can't be backed up with evidence. I've said countless times, I don't defend cosmology, they can stand behind their own work. But if you won't present your data for verification then you have no business trying to sell your snake oil to me, or any other rational person. Yet you continually created straw-man arguments, baseless attacks and accusations. And even after I said "you're not worth the effort" you continued to post your garbage on my blog. You continue to peddle your faith based ideology without any facts to back yourself up. 

I'm done. Clearly this isn't a place for rational individuals. I didn't come here to deal with people like you. I know far too many wooo vendors in real life. I wanted a place for people who value logic, facts, data, and reason. 

Do the world a favor, read a book. Start with math and get yourself better informed.

Thank you, Bengee.

You could always redeem yourself by making a post that has NO attacks against physics, or any other field of science, and simply explained EU to everyone here. 

I have no respect for people who attack  facts with fantasy and won't even have the decency to lay their cards on the table for all to see. Put up your data, spell out your hypothesis. That's all I've asked for from you.

Oh and stop stalking me. I blocked you everywhere, have avoided contact with you. I shouldn't have to delete you making shit comments on my blog dude.

I'm sick of your proselytizing on this forum.




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