Americans: At what point do you give up and leave?

"I am a Conservative Christian " I once proudly proclaimed!  Man it felt good!  Conservative, yea, that's me!


"Conservative Christian " sure has comforting and secure ring to it, doesn't it? It's kind of like a warm and fuzzy blanket on a brisk fall day. It's nice until you take it off, inspect it, and see all the vermin nesting on the fuzzy surface. Once I realized that it was infested beyond salvation I quickly burned it so that the vermin and disease would not spread to innocent bystanders.

Unfortunately, much of America is pulling the conservative and religious blanket even more tightly around ourselves, so much so that it is stifling our senses and restricting the oxygen intake to our brains, resulting in rampant and unrelenting stupidity.


It's the intentional celebration of ignorance and dismissiveness of intellect and competence that kills me.  Simple answers to complex issues just don't work.  "Drill Baby Drill" and "Obama's Death Panels" comes to mind as recent examples, yet our population just loves these "one liner pseudo solutions".


The very fact that someone with the intelligence level of Sarah Palin can even be considered as a candidate for ANY level of politics is alarming.   How low of a bar do we have?  Don't we have any type of intelligence test for political office above dog catcher?


So, what if the Tea Party does well this election.   O'donnel looks to be out, but there are tight races in Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, Florida and other states.  What if 4 or 5 or 6 Tea Bagges win?   Will that concern you?  What if Sarah Palin, or any Conservative candidate, becomes president in 2012? 


yes, I understand other countries are also moving right, but the starting point for their move is much different than the US, no?


At what point do you say good luck and goodbye to America and get the heck out of dodge? 

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Yea, I read Zinn's work. It was one of the game changers for me, both politically and religiously.

The Tea Party concerns me, but even Mainstream Repubs have moved so far to the right that it's hard to tell the difference between them and the baggers. Their near consensus denial of climate change is just one example that they have no interest in the common good. Health care is another example.

Even some Dems have jumped on the conservatism bandwagon.

It seems the fringe minority, by being emotional and vocal, have shifted the entire political enterprise to the right by leaps and bounds.

I'm not packing my bags yet, but I'm starting to consider my long term options in case we continue down this path of ignorance.
What do you mean "stay the fringe"?
I think he means that the Tea Party members stay on the fringe - on the outside, of the more mainstream politicians.
Yes, I understand now. Thanks
I honestly don't know at what point I give up the ghost either. It's really frightening to me what's going on. It's almost like what's happening here isn't real. I've remarked more than a few times what Sarah Palin is really trying to do is turn this nation into the High School of the United States with her as senior class president/head cheerleader or whatever.

I've thought about Canada, Australia or England as places to go if it gets out of control here personally. Any thoughts on this?
I've considered western Canada but I'm worried that our stupidity will spread north. It does appear to be contageous, although I think Canadians are way smarter than we are. They did figure out health care afterall. I've also considered the Scandinavian countries, however, I don't think I could get my wife to join me in the cold climate of the far north. Australia is intriguing. I'll definately give that some thought.
You are correct sir and it does scare me. When did you finally call yourself atheist? I must say I do fly an American flag in my front yard. There is nothing wrong with calling America home. We Americans are very lucky to be here and I think millions of people would like to take our place. It is knowing what makes us lucky and knowing how to use our knowledge to continue living in a civilized existence. Sustainability and efficiency of our designs allow us the ability to continue any journey we are on. I am sure there were Germans (those who did not fit the semitic persacution of the day) in Germany during the Nazi rule who felt they do not belong in their own country. I personally cannot answer the question you ask because I don't know when or if I will have had enough. I think I read- 80% of the worlds population lives no further than 50 miles from where they were born. My point, it is hard to leave home. You have family that offers you support. To go out and leave them you not only cut off your support you also cut off an immediate ability to support them when needed. On the other hand if you feel like you're continually beaten down by bullies and can't find any support you may find moving location to a place that at least offers like mindedness and friendly support worth it. Where do you think the top ten places are in the U.S. to go for such support?
You said "Even some Dems have jumped on the conservatism bandwagon". Well I just read that you have only been an atheist since 2009. You may find these words of advice to be true, be an Independant. I think Republicans and Democrats are one in the same but with a different twist. Number one, they are both parties who's members are mostly religious. Have you wondered why there are homosexuals who call themselves Republicans or Democrats? They could be doing it for covertness but I think for the most part they do it because they still consider themselves religious believers. That is the link that holds them there. I am sure there is a multitude of other reasons like money and power that could also keep them. You must always ask yourself "what do they believe to be true". Would you join a group with out knowing that?
I am an Independent as well, Earther. I gave up my political affilation at the same time that I gave up my religion. I no longer have any ideologies or beliefs other than skepticism and critical thinking.
There is strong temptation to emigrate to another country where civil rights have more meaning, and I can announce I'm an atheist without getting my car keyed. But, at the same time, when each sane person jumps ship, that's a decrease in sanity overall, which makes the insane the default majority over time.

Speaking of sanity, is anyone participating in the Rally to Restore Sanity? I would, but alas, I have to be in class. D;

Not to mention that it's hard to find work in forensic psychology in Canada...and there are a lot of issues with harassment in Britain for women.


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