Who are these people?

They launched a $200,000 ad campaign shortly before the election of Mr. Brown which bewailed the dangers of healthcare reform. The morning after the election, they posted a full-page call-out ad in the Sacramento Bee in which they threatened to unseat Barbara Boxer if she didn't change her vote on the issue.

So I googled them and could find no webpage or link to their organization, just lots of self-published articles. Then I e-mailed them and haven't gotten a response.

Does anyone know how to research this stuff?


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I don't know because i am English and we have had a national health service since the end of the second world war which when it works is the envy of the world and when it fails it fails badly but I found this when I googled them

Binnie said:

"Americans for Responsible Heath Care is confident that when elected to the U.S. Senate, Scott Brown will stand up for patients, doctors and responsible efforts to make healthcare more affordable and available by being the 41st vote against this proposed legislation.

"Americans for Responsible Heath Care wants the American people to have more options, better choices and more access to quality health care. The people of Massachusetts and indeed the nation deserve better than Washington's breathtakingly liberal plan that will take away the very access to high quality care people need and deserve."

I don't know who this Binnie is but he sounds pretty stupid, I don't understand how the American health care system works or why anyone would argue against having a health care system which is free at the point of delivery and is paid for from working people's taxes apart from people who refuse to pay for anything by taxation.
No sane, rational individual would actually believe that such could work in this country; in America, there is nothing free, that's just the perception played on the minds of the weak to maintain consumerism.

The reason it won't work, is a very basic known principle; the greater the populace, stratified by socio-economics/demographics, across a massive geographic expanse ~ the greater the level of corruption. It simply isn't possible, or even rational, to think that as you take a program of this magnitude, spread it across all the ideological perspective points of all the prostiticians in Washington, the lobbyists, the States and their populace, that the level of graft and corruption won't sink the program.

One of the major problems with people who believe that just because a European "country" can make it work, we can; European countries are relative to the size of a single State in the U.S. Take your system, expand it across your geography 48 times, across 310+ million people, of all known ethnic/racial groups, add in all the monetary variables, all the entitlements procurred through such programs and then come back and tell us "we did it, it's easy, you people are idiots for not doing it" ...
Thats not half empty... It's empty all the way and the damb glass is broken.
Your contention that nationalized healthcare wouldnt work here in america is wrong. Despite the coruption medicare medicade and veterans health all work fine. And nobody thinks it would be free. Despite the size of our country we still have a need for healthcare, so the question is who provides it and how its paid for. Do you really think the system we have isnt corupt? The sole purpose of cororations is ti make profit thats it. The porpose of natonal healthcare is to delivet healthcare even if it looses money. Who would you rather be taken care of by some one trying to make you better or some one trying to profit from your condition? Any system will have coruption but there will be much more if people are just trying to profit. Also the U.S. aught to be able to figure this out, im sane and rational and using logiic and looking at evidence ive concluded that if every other industrialized nation  has national health, and they all have better health, and they pay less for it than we do.how could any sane person not want to try it here?




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