If you had the power to enact a single constitutional amendment-- anything-- what would it be?

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Owning more than 1 credit card is now illegal and punishable by public flogging.

And "Do I really need to buy this stuff?" stickers one EVERY product in retail stores.
To require logic, philosophy and critical thinking as the primary focus of education beginning in kindergarten!
Only one? I think I'd enact an amendment that states that health care is a right guaranteed by the federal government.
Annual televised lie-detector tests for politicians.
Annual televised lie-detector tests for politicians.

Nice idea too bad they don't actually work.

How about force them to actually put everything they say politically on record, and once a year televise every lie they told that year.
Mandatory transcripts of all speeches made from the floor, attendance record, voting record, disciplinary record, police record, etc. Yes - with a GAO analysis of 'misstatements.' Posted and updated online for every session and before every election.
Wouldn't work at all. They already are on record with tons of directly conflicting statements, and the only outlet that seems to notice is The Daily Show. Even when they are caught, they just weasel out of it.
Don't confuse the issue with facts.
Good one, Steve!
Best one ever.
At this point, you need a license to reproduce. XD

That would be considered unconstitutional, though, so I guess I would have to choose something that increases legal rights. I suppose then it would either be the equal right to marriage for any consenting adults. Heck, if you want to marry multiple people, you need everyone's agreement to that marriage. >.> Or the right to a comprehensive education without indoctrination from political or religious viewpoints causing limitation in the education. I don't really know.
Birth control in the water.


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