If you had the power to enact a single constitutional amendment-- anything-- what would it be?

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Right on the mark. That is a strange thing. Also, since you pointed out that the Article 1 puts Militias (organization and implied definition of) under the purview of Congress, the Second amendment actually modifies (amends) a specific power. One interpretation might simply be - 'soldiers must be allowed to carry weapons.'
Congress shall make no law prohibiting the ingestion, respiration, or injection of substances by an individual into their own metabolism. It may regulate, according to scientifically based datum, standards of production. It may tax the sale of such products. It may educate the public about scientifically proven deleterious effects of such behavior. It may enact laws that require such products be labeled with their ingredients, especially the dosage of active ingredient per serving. It may regulate an age requirement for the purchase and use of no higher than 21 years of age, but shall not provide for criminal sanctions in regard to enforcement. It may make laws that provide for criminal sanctions when person's impaired by these substances participate in activities that may increase the dangers to others such as operating a motor vehicle on public thoroughfares, operating industrial machinery or public and private transport vehicles. Congress shall also make no law governing the sale of sexual services between consenting adults. It shall, for the public health and welfare, be allowed to regulate such transactions through the enactment of public health laws, consumer protection laws, provider protection laws. It may also levy taxes on these transactions.
Hell yes! And you have the wording right too!
I'm not a lawyer - but I thought if I used far too many words and equivocations it would seem as if I was.

Plus - I didn't proofread and made a couple heinous errors - such as an apostrophe in a plural rather than a possessive. I guess that makes me guilty of possession with intent to amend.
Can kings be voted in for this one day? lol HOWARD FOR PRES Y'ALL!
Free beer on Fridays!
Mr. Coyote,
I'd prefer to amend that to "Free beer tomorrow!" for several reasons. It can never be shown to be false and it's far more generous since there are more tomorrows than Fridays - albeit there may exist an infinite number of each. Indeed, "Free beer tomorrow!" would dovetail nicely into the administration's policies. Coupled with the motto "We'll screw the other guy and pass the savings on to you" it should guarantee a majority of votes in the foreseeable future.
Single-payer Health Care. Funded by levying church taxes.
"Congress shall treat all religious beliefs as equal under the law, including the lack of belief."

No preferential treatment. This would apply to taxes, as well. It could probably be worded a bit better, though.
If I was king for a day, I think I'd be so amazed at the workings of my new penis that I might forget about amending the constitution.
Wow! I thought the joke was that having a vagina would get you all the penises you could ever want.
More than likely, the joke was written by someone with the maturity of a 16 year old boy.

Also, there's a big difference between getting, and having.


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