With the lure of money, many American's are supporting the greed party.

Why else would they choose to vote for a party which exhibits the following behaviors?

Behavior of the Republican party....
1-Blocked everything that they could to make Obama look bad during a time when the people needed help from Congress.
2.Overt total disrespect to a standing American president
3-Outrageous statements against women's health care.
4-Voter suppression practices
5-Republican massive voter fraud discovered in Florida and possibly other swing states.
6-Republican candidate changes his positions when he realizes that a previous held position is unpopular.

Stated behavior if elected.....
1-Push back the National Healthcare Act before it has a chance to benefit all Americans.
2-Appoint Supreme Court Justices who are politically and religiously motivated.
3-Overturn Abortion rights.

Obvious behavior if elected
1-Will cut back on the regulations that has tried to remove our dependency on fossil fuels.
2-Will decrease the ability of managing one's own family by making birth control more difficult to obtain and making it more difficult to obtain preventive healthcare for women.
3-Maintain or increase job outsourcing.
4-Will oppose regulation of banks.
5-Will continue to support the influence of big money in American Politics
6-Will continue to support the influence of extreme religious views in American society.

7-Will continue to allow anti evolution groups to influence our school systems.

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traditions from nazi germany have never been so apparent imho

freedom; actual peace'loving? kind of freedom? is not profitable.. hence the push back by the haters imho...
@ least the Constitution gives a semi'level playing field of rights and what not.. this could go on and on...

Ditto, Booklover.  Really terrified.  Find myself holding my breath when I think about it.

The saddest part of your statements here are that:

  1. None of it is news to us
  2. Those who will vote for Rmoney either don't know, don't care, or enthusiastically endorse disempowerment of women, deregulation of banks, and the ultimate dumbing-down of America.

A Rmoney presidency disturbs the hell outta me.


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