Ames, Iowa. Rise in godless/agno clubs article in Miami Herald today! Stoked!

Good news:

Ironically couple pages later came the vatican article about it trying to pull other sects, faith-based-corporations under their umbrella(s)? Meanwhile arguing about who Mary really was or was not!?

LOL, sigh, they'll keep eating each other just like good corporations and the workers do from time to time; don't get me wrong, baby steps, baby steps towards justice and green-coexistence. Non-violence is key to this from what I've seen in life thus-far.

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Great story. Thank you for posting it.
The name of the game is recon-rapture.
Recon a good story rapture that shyte up asap!
James, we're making progress all right, but will it be quick enough. As described in my video on the endmeme, we have to reach a point where candidates for president will be ashamed to admit they harbor such stupid necrophilic beliefs as Doom's Day and the Second Coming of Christ.
The original is available in electronic format at:
Yay for my alma mater! :)
I went there too. When I was there, there was a Naked Christian Church and a Bible thumper named Jed and his apprentice Disco Cindy. Good times. Good times.

"Do you stick pizza'a in your nose? Then why do you stick sex organs in your mouth?"

Jed - Iowa State University - 1981


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